Andrea QHSE Manager, Edmonton, Canada Joined May 2011
What excites you about the work you are doing now?

I am most excited about being part of a company that is setting an industry standard in technology, quality, health and safety. Working in QHSE presents itself with a lot of challenges and that is something that I enjoy. Overcoming the challenges and seeing the progress you have made is very rewarding. In my line of work at STATS I learn something new every day which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Tell us about your journey through STATS Group?

I started out at STATS Group as an Office Assistant which meant that I had involvement with just about every aspect within our small division. As STATS Canada has expanded the opportunity was presented to get involved in HSE which then lead to a permanent position within the team. The role focuses on our quality, environmental, health and safety processes and recently I was promoted into the position of QHSE Manager. I am very proud of how our team has grown and the future growth potential.

What has been the highlight of your time at STATS Group?

The biggest highlight for me at STATS Group has been watching our company grow. Our company has grown in quality and quantity, personally and technologically. I have been a part of STATS expansion from a small office to a larger new facility as well as being part of a growing team of experts. Along with STATS growth there have been many advancements in the client-related field.

Why did you choose to join STATS Group?

When joining STATS Group the close-knit "family" atmosphere and sense of company culture really made it feel like the right fit for me. After a short time, I became part of the team which was not hard as the employees made me feel right at home.

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