Kaitlyn Junior Project Engineer, Calgary, Canada Joined May 2014
Tell us about your role?

My current position at STATS is a Junior Project Engineer. There are many responsibilities that are assigned with the work given to me and what I do on a daily basis is never the same. Some days I am in the office drafting procedures and sifting through drawings. However, other days I can find myself spending many hours in the workshop testing tools and coming up with solutions to challenges. The role presents itself with a great balance between hands-on and office work.

What do you enjoy about working at STATS Group?

STATS Group can be bluntly described as an awesome company to work for. I had always thought I would end up at a corporate giant pushing papers and doing the same task day after day. STATS offered me a completely new outlook on what my future career could hold. What I like about STATS is that I am never doing the same thing. There is an ideal balance between desk work and shop work. It is also very rewarding to meet and network with fellow employees from around the world even if their accents are hard to understand at times. All the employees that I have had the privilege of getting to know are great individuals. The atmosphere of the work place is what I enjoy the most about STATS because it is an inviting place that I actually enjoy showing up to every morning.

Tell us about your journey through STATS Group?

My journey with STATS started with me stumbling onto their website when I was looking for my second co-op placement in Canada. I got in contact with the general manager and was welcomed into the company. STATS unique and specialist line of isolation, maintenance, and repair tools were of great interest to me as I was completely unaware that such an industry existed. When I started off, STATS threw me into projects with the right amount of guidance and gave me more responsibilities than I could even fathom. They showed full trust in me and let me discover and learn things on my own while providing useful advice. Constantly, I was encouraged to grow and develop my technical and non-technical skills within the workshop and the office. I gained a great deal of field experience which has strengthened my ability to perform in the role. STATS set me up in a great position which I am continuously learning and receiving valuable experience and advice. There is a real sense that they want me to achieve in my role within the company. Although my journey has been short thus far, I have learned and enjoyed a great deal.

How has STATS Group supported your on-going development?

STATS Group has exceeded all of my expectations. They have showed generous ongoing support through the development of my knowledge and skills as a new employee. There is a prominent sense of them wanting me to succeed, through their continual support while I attend university to get my engineering degree. A great expanse of patience and quality is shown, specifically in the way they are always listening to my questions and providing me with limitless amounts of knowledge in the pipeline isolation and intervention field.

What are your future aspirations?

My future aspirations are quite simple; at the moment I am on my last co-op work term and have to return to school to finish my degree in engineering. I’ve still to decide if I should go straight into grad school to get my MBA after I graduate or whether to work a few years first. STATS have been a great company to work for and I would like to come back and work with them as a full time employee. I want to get my MBA so I can broaden my knowledge in the business sector and learn what it takes to run a company, finances, and to manage. With these skill sets I believe I will become a better employee. My thoughts at this point, are that I want to achieve and be a part of a great company with good foundations. I want to grow and move up in the ranks of the company while maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of work. I am a huge fan of soccer and play competitively and my hope is that as the years go on that I stick with it. My overall future aspirations are to grow as an engineer while maintaining a balanced lifestyle inside and outside of work.

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