EPRS & Subsea Services

Emergency Pipeline Repair Isolation Solutions
STATS have developed a diverse range of pipeline isolation, repair and decommissioning products covering subsea oil, gas and marine pipelines. Our subsea portfolio is built around our commitment to continued R&D and product development.

STATS partner oil and gas operators in the development and support of Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS) to minimise the downtime of damaged subsea and onshore pipelines. An incident from an anchor drag, landslide or mechanical damage can be catastrophic to the environment and transportation of hydrocarbons.

The primary reason for an EPRS is to ensure rapid response, minimising environmental and commercial impact by ensuring resumption of full production as soon as possible. STATS EPRS and subsea services provide fully engineered emergency pipeline repair equipment, designed, manufactured and maintained in a state of readiness in accordance with client specifications. Our Emergency Pipeline Repair equipment include pipeline isolation tools (Tecno Plugs), intervention and isolation tools (BISEP), Mechanical Connectors, Structural Repair Clamps and Pipeline Retrieval Tools.