EPRS & Subsea Services

Pipeline Repair Systems

Although pipelines are accepted as a safe form of energy transportation, failures can and do occur. Damage sustained to a submarine pipe in particular, can prove challenging to repair. As identified in DNV GL RP F113 Subsea Pipeline Repair, the main cause of pipeline damage is caused by a degradation mechanism such as corrosion, Hydrogen induced stress cracking (HISC) or physical damage such as unstable seabed conditions, anchor strike, dropped objects and trawl gear interference. In cases where pipeline damage has occurred, the damaged section may need to be cut from the pipeline and replaced with a new pipe section or repaired in-situ. As well as pipeline repair, STATS temporary isolation solutions allow safety critical valve replacement, tie-in or re-routing of pressurised pipelines.

STATS has developed a range of subsea pipeline repair solutions which includes inline isolation tools (Tecno Plug), hot tap and plugging equipment (BISEP), mechanical connectors, structural repair clamps and pipeline retrieval tools.