Emergency Pipeline Repair Are You Ready?

Emergency Pipeline Repair Are You Ready?

Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS) – Are You Ready?
Discover advancements in isolation technology that can facilitate the safe repair of unpiggable defects

The worldwide oil and gas industry is reliant on the long term dependability of pipelines. Rigid pipelines are vital to the safe and efficient transportation of hydrocarbons; as such failures within these pipelines can have huge environmental, safety and reputational implications. As the global demand for energy increases as does the consequences of any potential pipeline failure. Pipeline operators now require the peace of mind that, should a pipeline fail, their contingency plans and processes are fully established, qualified, and ready to respond to any emergency scenario.

This webinar will discuss pipeline damage scenarios and emergency repair options available to ensure a rapid response and safe isolation of the pipeline in the event of an incident. Recent advancements in pipeline isolation technology has been developed to enable the installation of fail-safe, double block and bleed isolation tools, in the event of an unpiggable midline defect. Pre-investment in such technology can reduce the out-of-service time by many months.

The webinar will conclude with a case study featuring STATS supply of emergency response isolation plugs from 32” to 38” developed for Qatargas. These fully engineered isolation systems have been designed and manufactured to meet the clients specification and are now maintained in a state of readiness close to the operator’s asset, to ensure rapid response of an unplanned repair.

The primary objective of an Emergency Pipeline Repair System is to facilitate a prompt and safe pipeline repair, minimising any environmental or commercial impact, while ensuring the resumption of pipeline production as soon as possible. If your pipeline suffers a failure – are you ready?

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discuss pipeline damage scenarios and emergency repair options
  • Overview of mechanical Double Block and Bleed pipeline isolation technologies
  • Recent advancements in isolation technology to facilitate unpiggable pipeline repairs
  • Benefits of investing in an EPRS to minimising environmental and commercial impact and reduce downtime

Presenter: Gareth Campbell & Steven Byers

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