STATS Group Team Up With PSO To Target Scandinavian Market

Process Plant Solutions Facility, Aberdeenshire

STATS Group has signed an agency agreement with leading Norwegian distributor PSO AS which will provide a strategic entry to the Scandinavian onshore and offshore market.

STATS provides a range of hydrostatic test tools, weldless pipe connection and onsite machining services to the oil and gas industry which greatly improve safety and minimise downtime during maintenance activities.

Headquartered in Kintore near Aberdeen, the company designs and manufactures a range of products in sizes from ½” to 36” to support hydrostatic testing activities and weldless pipe connection products, which replace the need for hot work and provide an efficient alternative for pipe repair’s, tie-in or abandonment of redundant lines.

STATS Group Process Plant Solutions product manager, Sandy Peter, said: “PSO is a long-established inspection company which upholds an excellent reputation in the oil and gas service industry. STATS are delighted to be supporting them in the promotion and use of our PPS product range.

“The objective of the agreement is to build a close working relationship with PSO with an end to supplying our first class products supported by an efficient and dependable service through PSO to customers in Norway and neighbouring countries.

“STATS has an extensive track record in the field of hydrostatic testing, supplying products that are robustly designed and are typically rated to operate in higher pressure ranges. STATS products are primarily designed with a focus on ease of use, operational safety and product longevity.”

The agency agreement also covers other hydrostatic testing products, including in-line and flanged weld test tools, axial weld tension tools and pipe end plugs.

PSO managing director, Thomas Engen, said: “STATS Group is widely known for its high quality products, especially within the high pressure range. STATS hire fleet of hydraulic testers will be much appreciated in Norway by both new and existing customers.

“We have the first contract with Statoil in place, and are ready to assist the service companies for the shutdown season already this year. The agreement with STATS will be one of our most important contracts for the future, enabling us to serve our customers within the Process Plant Solutions segment.”

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