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Subsea Pipeline Repair Clamps

STATS subsea repair clamps feature a robust design to provide effective leak sealing in the harshest conditions and are available for diver installation or ROV deployment.

Subsea Pipeline Repair Clamp
Subsea pipeline repair clamp
ROV Installed Pipeline Repair Clamps

Subsea Pipeline Repair Clamp

Subsea Pipeline Repair Clamps have been developed for repair of oil and gas pipelines and infrastructure. Pressure Containment Clamps are designed to be installed on damaged or leaking pipelines, encapsulating the defect within the clamp body and regaining pressure integrity through mechanical seals engaging on the sound parent pipe.

Subsea Structural Repair Clamp

Structural Repair Clamps provide pressure containment and, where grout filled, radial support to the pipe. Where a Pressure Containment Clamp is fitted with taper locks it becomes a Structural Clamp to provide axial restraint and structural integrity. The locks are configured as opposing sets which grip the pipe on either side of the defect. The locks are designed to transfer the full axial load of the pipe to the clamp body so allowing the clamp to withstand full pipeline separation loads.

ROV Installed Pipeline Repair Clamp

ROV installed Split Sleeve Repair Clamps utilise hydraulics and assembly frames to allow an ROV to assemble the clamps on the pipe. These clamps are often engineered on a project basis and consist of a hydraulically actuated hinge to fasten the clamp around the pipe. A hydraulically operated taper flange assembly allows the clamp halves to be securely closed and the end compression seals are actuated by an array of hydraulic pistons. The taper flange mechanism and compression seal pistons are retained with ratchets to allow the hydraulic pressure to be vented after clamp installation. ROV clamps can be supplied in single seal, dual seal and structural configurations to repair pipe where fittings restrict access.


Process & Pipeline Repair | Pressure Containment Clamps

Process & Pipeline Repair | Structural Repair Clamps

Key Features

  • Size range: nominal pipe sizes 4” – 46”
  • Pressure range: Ambient to 300 Bar
  • Seal against pipeline using compression flanges
  • Single seal with body cavity test capability
  • Dual seal with annulus test capability
  • Taper locks to prevent pipeline separation (Structural Clamp only)
  • Optional polymeric grout sealant injection for radial support