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Hot Tapping Fittings

Mechanical Hot Tapping Fittings facilitate the connection of new branch pipework to existing infrastructure without the requirement for welding. Mechanical fittings are routinely used to provide a flanged tee branch to enable hot tapping into an existing pipeline while under pressure with no interruption to production. The fittings can also be utilised as an access point to deploy a double block and bleed BISEP isolation.

Mechanical Hot Tapping Fitting
Mechanical Hot Tapping Fitting
Subsea Mechanical Hot Tapping Fitting
Encapsulation Repair Clamp
Hot tapping fitting

The mechanical hot tap fittings feature a dual seal arrangement which provides an annulus cavity to fully verify the seal integrity prior to hot tapping. Compression flanges mechanically actuate the seals and drive taper locks which grip the pipe, providing axial restraint.

The clamp components are compatible with a wide range of fluid types and flow conditions and are designed for ease of installation with minimal disruption to the pipework or system to which they are fitted. STATS can provide the complete service including clamp installation, hot tapping and temporary line plugging. Completion plugs can also be provided to permanently isolate the flanged tee branch and enable the removal of the slab valve allowing a blind flange to be fitted to the mechanical fitting.

Key Features

  • Size range: standard pipe sizes ¾” – 46”, with branch diameter / angle to suit application.
  • Pressure range: up to ASME 900#.
  • Dual seal design with annulus test facility.
  • Structural locks / grout injection to suit application.