BISEP: Double Block and Bleed Isolation

Webinar: Leak-tight double block and bleed isolation to reduce risk during pipeline maintenance
BISEP: Double block and bleed isolation tools that enable repair and maintenance of pressurised pipelines

Isolating pipelines for maintenance activities or emergencies is a high risk but necessary activity for pipeline operators of low and high pressure liquid, gas and petrochemical pipeline systems. Loss of control of hazardous energy into a work site is a serious and potentially fatal event with far reaching human and economic impacts. As the pipeline industry increasingly focuses on safety and safe work practices, the need for credible Double Block and Bleed and leak tight temporary isolations that reduce risk has emerged.

Where non-piggable pipelines exist or where a piggable isolation plug is not a viable option, STATS Group’s Branch Installed Self-Energised Plug (BISEP) technology (inserted through a hot tap hole) has allowed the industry to obtain robust and reliable temporary Double Block and Bleed isolation on low and high pressure systems.

This webinar will provide participants a technical background on the BISEP functionality, the benefits of the BISEP system and how BISEP technology offers a credible alternative to conventional line stop and even purge/flaring operations. Key benefits such as a provable, testable and monitor-able isolation will be presented, along with an overview of the fundamental fail-safe features of the BISEP system. Recent case studies will be discussed to give attendees an appreciation of how the BISEP is being used by North American on-shore pipeline operators and how the BISEP offers advantages over traditional approaches.

To obtain further insight into the workings and advantages of the BISEP and how this technology can help you reduce risk on your upcoming isolation projects, please register to the webinar.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Why BISEP?
  • Technical understanding of BISEP as a double block and bleed isolation tool
  • How has the BISEP been used?
  • How can I use the BISEP on my isolation projects?

Presenters: Stephen Rawlinson & Lucas Jarrin

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