Emergency Pipeline Repair Isolation Systems

Technical Paper: Emergency Pipeline Repair Isolation Systems
Isolation technology developed to facilitate pipeline repair of unpiggable defects, maintained in a state-of-readiness to allow rapid response

This paper will discuss advancements in Emergency Pipeline Repair Isolation Systems (EPRIS) which have been developed to enable the installation of safety critical double block and bleed isolations where an unpiggable mid-line defect exists.

Pipeline operators need peace of mind that should such a situation occur, their processes and contingency plans are full qualified and ready to respond to an emergency scenario. Significant savings can be achieved by having the required equipment ready for deployment in the event of a pipeline failure. The primary objective of an EPRIS is to facilitate a rapid and safe repair ensuring pipeline production can be resumed as soon as possible, minimising environmental and commercial impact. The paper will highlight the benefits of investing in and maintaining an Emergency Pipeline Repair Isolation System.

The paper will conclude with a case study featuring STATS supply of emergency response isolation plugs from 32” to 38” developed for Qatargas. These fully engineered isolation systems were designed and manufactured to meet the clients specification and are now maintained in a state of readiness in Qatar to ensure rapid response to an emergency repair.

Author: Dale Millward


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