Reducing costs during pipeline maintenance

Reducing costs during pipeline maintenance

Reducing costs and avoiding shutdowns during pipeline maintenance
Advancements in hot tapping and plugging technology to increase safety and operator efficiencies

Adapting to a sustained low oil price presents pipeline and piping system operators an ongoing challenge of functioning smarter and more efficiently. Operators now balance the need to maintain pipeline integrity while ensuring emergency and scheduled repairs are conducted safely and efficiently. Meanwhile, the safety of personnel, asset and the environment remains of paramount importance during all maintenance activities.

Hot tapping and plugging provides temporary isolation of pressurised pipelines and is routinely used to isolate and bypass sections of pipe to facilitate repair, modification or tie-in activities. STATS BISEP technology provides fail-safe double block and bleed isolation deployed through a single hot tap fitting, offering significant safety advantages over traditional line stop technology.

In response to increasing demand from clients, STATS have now incorporated a bypass facility through the BISEP housing providing isolation and bypass through one hot tap fitting. Significant cost savings can be achieved by reducing the number of hot taps, fittings and associated services by half. This development also increases safety and reduces the number of potential leak paths and fittings remaining on the pipeline after maintenance. STATS supplied hot tap machines have been designed and built to incorporate industry best practices, including double block and bleed sealing and a positive retention pilot drill for robust securing and recovery of the cut pipe coupon.

The webinar will conclude with a recent case study where two BISEPs were deployed to isolate a section of pipeline while production continued through a bypass incorporated through the BISEP housing. This successful project prevented shutting down production while ensuring safety of personnel and the environment was maintained, providing the client with significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Presenters: Martin Wilson and Mark Burton

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