Subsea Repair Scenarios of Damaged Pipelines

Subsea Repair Scenarios of Damaged Pressurised Pipelines
Pressurised pipeline repair facilitated by non-piggable and piggable type approved isolation tools

The global oil and gas industry is reliant on the long term dependability of pipelines. Rigid pipelines are vital to the safe and efficient transportation of hydrocarbons; as such failures within these pipelines can have huge environmental, safety and reputational implications. As the global demand for energy increases as does the consequences of any potential pipeline failure. Operators can often encounter difficulties in isolating sections of their pipeline to facilitate repair or maintenance activities if appropriate valves are absent from the line.

This webinar will describe pipeline isolation tooling and techniques that enable safe modification of pressurised subsea pipelines. Double block and bleed isolation tools have been utilised to greatly reduce downtime, increase safety and maximise unplanned maintenance, providing cost-effective solutions to the end user. High integrity isolation methods will also be explained that enable piggable and unpiggable pipeline systems to be isolated before any breaking of containment and in compliance with subsea isolation guidelines.

This webinar will discuss subsea pipeline damage scenarios and repair options available to ensure a safe isolation of the pipeline and contents in the event of an incident. DNV GL type approved isolation technology has been developed to enable the installation of fail-safe, double block and bleed isolation tools, in the event of an unpiggable midline defect.

The webinar will conclude with a case study highlighting how a complex and challenging repair was executed on a 28” gas export pipeline in the South China Sea. This successful subsea repair was conducted safely and without the need to depressurising the entire 780km pipeline.

Presenter: Dale Millward

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