Pipeline Isolation
STATS Group provide full service capability for the maintenance, repair and modification of oil and gas installations and pipelines, onshore and offshore. Our comprehensive range of products and services, enable piping and pipeline isolation, intervention, repair, subsea and shutdown services.

Project management and engineering services are provided to support client needs including turnaround scopes, feasibility studies and contingency planning. Our in-house expertise covers the plantís lifecycle from pre-commissioning through to decommissioning and abandonment.

Every product in the STATS portfolio is designed, manufactured, assembled, tested and maintained by our own in-house engineers and technicians.


Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, these fundamental principles remain central to our company ethos. STATS Group operate across the world through a network of branch offices and agencies.

We provide expertise and full service capability for the maintenance, repair and modification of oil & gas installations and pipelines which:

Enhance safety & environmental performance
Reduce system or plant downtime
Extend facility life

STATS provide high quality, fit-for-purpose solutions to ensure that the pipework and pipeline infrastructure of our clients meet the technical, safety and environmental standards required. We fully embrace the ISO 9001:2008 Integrated Management System to meet the expectations of the modern competitive business environment.

A comprehensive range of tools and equipment to assist clients optimise the safe working life of facilities and infrastructures are offered for sale or rental.
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