Gareth Regional Sales Manager, Asia Pacific Joined June 2011
Tell us about your role?

In my role as Regional Sales Manager, my main focus is on all business development opportunities that are within Asia Pacific. In simple terms, this basically means that any potential project from China all the way down to Australia and New Zealand falls under my responsibility. I'm at the front end of our company process where I liaise with clients to discuss their needs and propose STATS patented equipment and services to assist them achieve their desired outcome safely and efficiently. The role dictates that I'm out of the office as much as possible, meeting clients or attending industry specific conferences or exhibitions where I can meet new contacts. I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and this is a great help in ensuring I can talk at convenient times with clients and travel upon short notice to client facilities. Following initial discussions, a formal quotation may be issued. At this stage, I would then assist the proposals engineers and product line managers in compiling the quotation, before submitting to the client. I try my best to influence the client at this stage to secure the order. In Sales, there's no better feeling than when something you've been working on for a number of months, comes to the all-important Purchase Order coming through. In my case, that basically equals "Job done." In addition to this, I aim to build relationships with clients. Sometimes we may not be successful in being awarded a scope for a number of reasons, but if a good relationship is developed, there's always the chance to influence the next one that may come along!

Why did you choose to join STATS Group?

In my previous employment, I was working for a major Oil and Gas corporation where I had a very thorough and successful training programme which prepared me for my new role. Although I enjoyed my job, I knew I could offer more, and thought a move elsewhere was needed to continue my development. My experience at this time in the industry was only a few years, but the discussions I had during my interviews convinced me that STATS was the company for me to move forward with. The company was fairly small at this time with around 100 people globally, but the role I was hired for gave me the feeling I was going to play a key role in expanding the company to its full potential. Something that would, and still does to this very day, gives me a great sense of job satisfaction. Also, the equipment we provide is pretty interesting! When you work in a market where sometimes there's only one other company in the world that can do what you do, you know you've got some pretty cool technology that clients want, and are interested to hear about.

What have been your key achievements with the company?

I'm quite lucky to have been involved with some key contracts awards that we've secured on a global basis. Personal highlights including a Multi-million dollar Emergency Pipeline Repair Isolation System for Qatargas and our first subsea isolation scope for a major operator in the North Sea.

What are your future aspirations?

I'm ambitious in what I think I can achieve in my career, and STATS is the perfect company for me to do this with. In the short term, my future aspirations are to continue in my current role, with the main aim of developing and increasing our market share. Looking further ahead, the growth plans that the company have for expanding into new regions and markets mean that more people will be needed. Being in my fifth year at STATS, and knowing how the company operates, giving people within the company the opportunity to develop, I am looking to see this progress and how my skills and expertise learnt over the years can be best placed to assist these plans. Watch this space...