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Split Tee Fittings

STATS designed and manufactured fittings can be provided on a quick turnaround to meet client specifications. All our fittings are interoperable with industry standard hot tap and line stop equipment.

Split Tee Fittings
Split Tee Fitting Canada
Split Tee Fittings
Split Tee Fitting Manufacturing
Split Tee Fittings

Fitting Design & Manufacture Capabilities

  • ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4/8, CSA Z662 design basis
  • Designed to meet client specification – philosophy to meet client spec vs client meeting STATS spec
  • Pressure / thickness and area replacement calculations
  • Code-specific material and testing requirements
  • Considerations for branch and equipment loading
  • Fittings designed and manufactured locally allowing for quicker delivery turnaround; fast turnaround of fitting drawings
  • STATS completion plug and flange design; interoperability with industry standard tapping and line stop equipment
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) to confirm suitability of fittings for BISEP loads (ASME VIII Div 2 part 5: plastic collapse and local failure)
  • In-house hydrotesting service available
  • Engineered hot tap design service available
  • Industry leading documentation and traceability
  • Complete data books with design, MTR, weld, NDE and dimensional QA / QC information provided with every fitting
  • All fitting produced and controlled within our industry leading ISO 9001 Integrated Management System program that ensures repeatable quality and consistency
  • Up to 70 ksi strength fittings; 50 ksi typical
  • ½” to 60” split tees, class 150# to 900#

Transmission Line Stop Fittings

  • Split Tees 2” to 60, 600#
  • 2” Vent / Purge fittings, 600#
  • 4” to 30” spherical, sleeved or non-sleeve, 600#
  • Top Out or Side Out Tees, custom configurations, 600#
  • Structural non-pressure containing full encirclement saddles, up to 60” run, any branch size
  • All types CAT I or CAT II

Gas / Network Distribution Fittings

  • Split Tees 2” to 36”, 150# to 300#
  • 2” Vent / Purge fittings, 150# to 300#
  • 4” to 30” spherical, sleeved or non-sleeve, 150# to 300#
  • Non-proprietary plug and flange interfaces for interoperability with standard tapping and line stop equipment