Corporate Responsibility

Code of Business Conduct

STATS Group has an excellent reputation of conducting all of its business according to the highest principles of business ethics. We are rightly proud of this reputation believing good business is undertaken with honesty and in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.


The foundation of our business conduct is built on our core values which distinguish us and guide our actions. We’re committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We comply with the laws that apply to us, support universal human rights, protect the environment and support the communities where we work.


STATS Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and visitors to our premises. We’re equally committed to preventing harm to the environment from our operational activities. STATS Group has adopted the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Life-Saving Rules. The Life-Saving Rules aim to help with industry standardisation and learning to eliminate fatalities within the workplace.
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STATS Group is committed to providing an open and honest working environment. We are proud of the diverse cultures our employees represent and strive to treat everyone fairly and with respect. We are committed to providing a working environment free from harassment and intimidation.

External Relationships

STATS Group rejects all forms of bribery or corruption. We seek honest, open relationships with all of our business partners. STATS has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.


At STATS Group, we’re all responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to us, wherever we operate.

Speak Up

We encourage our employees or others involved with our business to “speak up” should they have concerns about unethical behaviours or activities.

Modern Slavery

STATS Group aim to prevent opportunities for modern slavery to occur within its businesses or supply chains and is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships.
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