Small-Bore Temporary Line Plugging

The patented BI-STOP™ provides a unique temporary line plugging system to address challenges with small-bore pipework that have absent or limited isolation facilities. This cost-effective solution enables small-bore pipework to be isolated, cut and if required, terminated with a full-bore valve whilst the system remains live. The BI-STOP allows maintenance or remediation activities to be carried out safely and reliably, eliminating the need for a system shutdown.

Small-Bore Hot Tapping and Plugging
Inline Isolation Tool, BI-STOP
Hot Tapping & Plugging, BI-STOP


  • Provide a temporary isolation to facilitate pipework repair or modification
  • Install a system specified full-bore valve where isolation facilities are absent or limited
  • Cap and terminate dead leg or redundant pipework
  • Provide a permanent or temporary pipework tie-in


BI-STOP - Small Diameter Pipeline Intervention & Isolation System

Operator Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution for temporary isolation of small bore pipework eliminating the need for a system shutdown
  • Unplanned outage and maintenance costs either eliminated or significantly reduced
  • No need to leave temporary mechanical fittings on the pipe
  • Temporary isolation allowing modifications without the need for hot-work
  • Innovative equipment design addresses pipe destruct and construct requirements including pipework reinstatement testing


  • Standard nominal size range 1”, 1.5” and 2”
  • Pressure rating ANSI Class 300 (51.1 bar / 741 psi)

For sizes 3” and above see STATS BISEP® range.