Onsite Machining Services

To ensure asset integrity and efficient operations, regular maintenance of facilities is required. STATS onsite machining services have been developed to provide efficient repair or maintenance activities on location preventing the need for equipment to leave the facility for rework or replacement. Onsite machining services are ideal for new construction projects, modifications, planned shutdowns or emergency repairs. Multi-disciplined, trained and competent technicians are available to support all products and onsite machining services.

Cold Cutting & Beveling

Cold Cutting and Beveling

Cold cutting and beveling machines replace traditional cutting methods such as torches, reed cutters, and grinders, removing the risk of fi re or explosion. These machines simultaneously sever and bevel as they cut, fully preparing the pipe-end for welding with greater accuracy and a higher level of safety. Cuts can be performed quickly and effectively often without the requirement for hot work permits. Portable clamshell machines are designed for precision onsite severing, severing / beveling, and severing / double beveling. The aluminium frame is a split ring assembly capable of being disassembled to allow installation around in-line piping, elbows, tees, valves, nozzles and flanges. These lightweight low clearance clamshells are designed to fit into tight working areas whilst retaining rigidity during operation.


STATS Trepanning services include drilling and tapping services, including supply of bolted clamp connections for use on a variety of materials and applications.