Subsea Temporary Launcher / Receiver

Flangeless subsea launchers / receivers can be attached to any open pipe end without the need for hyperbaric welding. Quick and efficient installation enables maintenance pigs or isolation plugs to be deployed and recovered during pipeline maintenance or repair activities.

Currently subsea launchers are designed for flanged pipe connection, however, flanged connections limit the location of where a subsea launcher can be attached. The Flangeless Subsea Launcher can be efficiently lowered to the seabed and introduced to any open pipe end without the need for a flanged connection or hyperbaric welding to install a flange at the desired location.

Subsea Temporary Launcher Receiver

The launcher housing incorporates a lock and seal module which when actuated provides a secure connection to, and seal against, the outside diameter of the pipe using STATS proven lock and seal technology. Once actuated, the locks prevent movement of the pipe during pigging operations and the seal provides a leak-tight barrier.

Flangeless Subsea Launcher and Remote Tecno Plugs® can be utilised as part of a contingency to enable pipeline flood prevention and wet buckle recovery solutions during pipe laying operations.



To suit application


To suit operational pressure

Water Depth

Up to 2220M


  • Subsea pig / plug launching and receiving
  • Deployment of isolation equipment in the event of a wet buckle during pipe laying operations
  • Contingency equipment as part of pipeline flood prevention and recovery
  • Enabling isolation and dewatering of flooded pipelines from a cut section of pipe

Key features

  • Length and design of barrel can be tailored to suit application /pigging requirements
  • Taper lock grips and elastomer seal configuration
  • Diver or ROV compatible installation
  • Prevents the need for hyperbaric welding
  • Optional manipulator clamp to centralise launcher with pipe

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