Pipeline Isolation

Process piping and pipeline isolation is a key requirement for safe and efficient maintenance, modification and repair of oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. Pipeline isolation plugs enable safe modification of pressurised pipelines and in some cases while production is maintained.

Double block and bleed / monitor pipeline isolation tools can be utilised pre and post-shutdown to limit downtime and reduce work scope duration. Pipeline isolation plugs provide a cost-effective solution while maintaining high levels of safety during maintenance activities. 

Temporary pipeline isolation tools can significantly reduce venting and flaring activities by limiting the isolation area and preventing entire pipeline from being depressurised, avoiding the discharge of significant quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Remote Tecno Plug Pipeline Isolation

Double Block and Bleed Isolation

STATS Type Approved Tecno Plugs® provide double block and bleed / monitor isolation plugs that are pigged or pushed to the isolation location. The Tethered Tecno Plug range is a double block and bleed isolation tool that can be pigged with an umbilical or pushed to location on wheeled stem bars. The single module isolation plug provides a compact and robust design that enables the Tecno Plug to be set in space restricted locations, ideally suited for launcher / receiver maintenance or valve changeouts without shutting down production.


The Remote Tecno Plug provides double block and monitor isolation and is pigged through the pipeline to the required isolation location from a pig launcher or receiver. Pipeline isolation plugs require no welding or cutting into live lines, leaving no residual fittings or hardware on the pipeline. Once at the desired location the Tecno Plug is controlled remotely using an extremely low frequency (ELF) inductive system for reliable tracking and accurate positioning of the plug.


The Tecno Plug is hydraulically activated engaging taper locks which grip the pipe wall and radially expand dual elastomer leak-tight seals. The dual seal design provides a zero-energy zone to enable breaking of containment activities to be conducted safely and efficiently.

Tecno Plug UK

DNV Type Approval

STATS’ inline isolation tool the Tecno Plug® is fully certified by DNV. This verifies that the design criteria satisfy the requirements for Pipeline Isolation Plugs to provide dual seal and isolation in accordance with; DNV-OS-F101 (Submarine Pipeline Systems) and recommended Practices; DNV-RP-F113 (Subsea Pipeline Repair) and in compliance with code ASME BPVC Section VIII, Division 2.


  • Sectional pipeline replacement / repair
  • Valve replacement / repair
  • Pipeline tie-in / re-routing / bypass
  • Pipeline abandonment or decommissioning
  • Mid-line pipeline repair / spool replacement
  • Pressure testing, leak detection of repaired pipelines
  • Dead leg removal



3” to 56”


230 bar / 3336 psi


DNV Type Approved

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