Background / Challenge

  • North Sea Floating vessel had been decommissioned
  • Requirement to release multiple flexible risers from the platform for abandonment
  • Serviceability of Remote Release Connectors (RRC) between platform and risers unknown
  • Restricted vertical access to riser heads
  • Design a clamp that could support the weight of the riser should the RRC fail to release
  • Provide a means of riser attachment for a controlled decent to the seabed
  • Engineer a means of deploying the clamps with diver assistance, around various sized risers, set at 11° angle to the vertical
  • Allow for restricted vertical access

Riser Securing Clamps | AH001 Ivanhoe Oil Field


  • Design and manufacture of 8 Riser Release Clamps (2 × 5”, 4 × 8”, 1 × 10”, 1 × 12”)
  • Clamps hinge around riser and provide a hold open device aiding clamp deployment
  • Counterbalance arms precision engineered to maintain 11° angle to riser
  • Lifting points positioned on counterbalance arms aid deployment around RRC casing above riser head
  • Each clamp capable of withstanding the weight of their respective riser during release and lowering phases