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Custom hot tap & line stop fittings

STATS Group, is now offering custom hot tap and line stop fittings in North America which are engineered and manufactured to exact client specification. To meet client demand, STATS Group is also now offering the BISEP pipeline isolation tool and its related products as a sale item in the North American pipeline gas distribution and transmission market.

Recent expansion into a new 35,000 sq ft Edmonton facility that combines an office, workshop and extensive manufacturing capacity, means STATS can now fabricate and test a larger number of pipeline isolation products and custom-made fittings in Canada, allowing a quicker and more efficient turnaround for the end-user.

All STATS products are manufactured and controlled through an industry leading ISO 9001 Integrated Management System ensuring quality and full traceability. Isolation products and fittings are available from ½” to 60”, with a pressure rating up to ANSI class 900. Hot tap fittings include spherical, sleeved or non-sleeved configurations, including provision of completion plugs.

The introduction of custom split tee fittings is a result of client demand and has appealed to clients who are seeking bespoke engineered solutions which complement the provision of STATS’s industry leading hot tapping and isolation technologies.

Stephen Rawlinson, STATS Regional Director for Americas region, said: “The investment we have made in our Edmonton facility gives us the ability to provide high quality client-specific fittings in a much shorter timeframe to support the Canadian energy and utilities sector.

“The introduction of custom fittings has proved extremely popular and is helping drive sustainable growth in our Canadian business. All our fittings are fully interoperable with industry standard hot tap and line stop equipment.

“Traditionally, we have provided our industry-leading technology and services to clients on a rental basis but the introduction of product sales has proved extremely popular.

“This natural extension of our strategy gives customers immediate access to our equipment, and our portfolio has been strongly endorsed by major players in the sector as tried, tested and trusted technologies. We now have in place the infrastructure to support an increase in product sales and we are already seeing the fruits of this investment.”

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