BP Trinidad and Tobago approached STATS to hot tap and insert a Double Block and Bleed isolation Plug in two 14” crude oil pipelines, located in the Galeota Point terminal facility. Maximum system pressure to be isolated in this operation was 20 Barg (290psig).

STATS after completing successful 14” tapping operations used their patented BISEP technology to achieve isolation on the piping system to allow for the tie-in of piping spools for the TSP Metering Project.

The entire intervention and isolation operation was carried out safely, while the system remained live and at full system pressure. STATS BISEP dramatically increases safety over traditional line stop technology by providing a fully verified double block and bleed isolation through a single hot tap penetration. This approach also significantly reduces timescales and expenditure. (Single fitting, welding, inspection, scaffolding, and crane costs).


Weld on 14” Split Tees and Pressure Test

STATS provided welded fittings for this application as the tees were to remain on the line. The tees were welded by BP personnel on site with the presence of a STATS representative. Once the welding had passed inspection the tees where pressure tested by STATS personnel.

Slab Valve Installed and Tested

STATS provided a fully certified and tested slab valve for the isolation work. Once the tees had been tested STATS personnel installed the slab valve and performed testing to confirm fully operational use.

Install Hot Tap Machine and Complete Tapping Operation

Using STATS Hot Tap Machine STATS personnel completed successful hot tapping operations.

Isolate Pipeline Using STATS 14” BISEP

STATS installed the BISEP then performed validation tests on the tool to confirm successful double block and bleed isolation, STATS then issued an isolation certificate to the BP client.

Client Performs Valve Change Outs and Tie-Ins

On the successful isolation of the pipeline and isolation certificate issued the BP client completes the required scope.

Remove BISEP

On completion of client workscope the new installations, valves and pipelines were pressure tested against STATS BISEP. On completion of the test the BISEP was unset and removed.

Install Completion Plug and Blind Flange

Using the hot tap machine STATS installed a completion plug into the tee fitting, this allowed removal of the slab valve. A ported blind was then fitted and pressure tested to successfully complete the scope.

 14” BISEP | Galeota Point Terminal Facility, Trinidad


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