24" Mechanical Connector for installation in Norwegian North Sea

Asset Integrity based in Stavanger, Norway contacted STATS Group to assist a major North Sea Operator with a technical solution that would enable connections to be made on large diameter piping safely and efficiently while also removing the requirement for hot works.

STATS mechanical pipe connectors enabled new connections to be made into 18” and 24” drain piping systems located under the platform along with the installation of new liners to refurbish existing corroded pipework sections.

Mechanical solutions available from other suppliers were limited in diameter ranges, and with the client unwilling to consider hot work activities a viable technical solution was sought.

Mechanical Connector, Norway. Asset Integrity Layout 2

By using STATS technology, the customer was able to safely conduct the project to connect an existing 24" line with a new spool as well as replacing the internal lining.

In addition to this scope an access point was created on an 18" section using a STATS flanged mechanical connector, allowing the installation of new liners on existing piping, which was then completed using a separate connector and closing spool.

STATS technology in partnership with Asset Integrity Norway has been proven to be a safe and effective method of permanently connecting large diameter pipework, removing the risk of hot works in hazardous and challenging access environments.

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